Human Resource Capability (HRC) Survey, Capping (Workforce Statistics)

Last updated: 4 December 2014

State sector workforce statistics provided by the SSC (Human Resource Capability Survey reports and Capping data).

Update 4 December 2014:

The findings of the Human Resource Capability (HRC) survey 2014 are now published. See Human Resource Capability in the New Zealand State Services 2014.

The 'Related Resources' section on this page provides links to all Human Resource Capability Survey reports and Capping material on this website.

HRC survey: The Human Resource Capability (HRC) survey provides information about the Public Service workforce. The survey provides information on staff numbers, rates of pay and employment benefits, recruitment and retention rates, diversity and leave. Twenty pieces of information are collected about every public service employee.

The survey is run annually and collects anonymous information about Public Service employees. The survey provides both a snapshot of the Public Service workforce at 30 June and information about employees who have left during the preceding 12 months.

See the latest HRC findings in the Related Site Content below.

State Services Staff Numbers: We also publish figures for employment in the State Services. The State Services is made up of the core Public Service departments, District Health Boards, education agencies, as well as Police, the Defence Force and other Crown entities. Staffing levels for the State Services have remained flat over the past four years.  As at 30 June 2014, an estimated 229,621 people worked in the State Services. The SSC uses the HRC survey, the Quarterly Employment Survey (QES), the Health Workforce Information Programme (HWIP), and Defence Force data to estimate the number of employees in the State Services.

The data contained in the graph below can be found here (35KB xls file).


Capping data:
The cap on the size of core government administration has been reset at 36,475 full time equivalent (FTE) positions. The reset cap is based on the number of FTE staff in core government administration plus unfilled vacancies as at 30 June 2011. The cap is applied globally, to the total FTE staff in core government administration, not to individual organisations. The State Services Commissioner is responsible for overseeing the cap. See the six-monthly capping data updates here.