Strategic direction

Last updated: 30 May 2013

The strategic direction of the State Services Commission is defined in the Commission's Statement of Intent. See the Commissioner's 'Introduction' below.

From the Commissioner's 'Introduction' to the Statement of Intent 2013-2017.............

This year the State Services Commission (SSC) celebrates a century of service. The past hundred years have seen massive changes in New Zealand society and the Public Service has had to respond and evolve to those changes and ensure the challenges of the day are met. Currently we are in the middle of a period of significant change designed to make sure the Public Service is able to meet today's challenge of improving the services we deliver within tightly limited funding.

These are the most significant changes the Public Service has seen for twenty years and will result in a fundamental re-shaping of how the Public Service works and how services are delivered. A large part of how this change is being delivered is through Better Public Services. Better Public Services is about whole of system change and
re-focusing on priority results A focus on results requires agencies to work together both within sectors and across the entire system and is designed to benefit people and communities in a measurable way.

As Head of State Services I am accountable, along with my Corporate Centre Chief Executive colleagues, for ensuring Better Public Services are delivered. The State Services Commission, working with the Corporate Centre agencies and functional leaders, has a vital role in achieving this change across the State sector. We must model best practice and be an example for other agencies to follow, give advice and support to overcome challenges, and we must also drive change and performance across the sector.

The past year saw a significant focus on re-gearing and re-focusing the Public Service to meet the current challenges and a lot has been achieved. Departments have stepped up their work across sectors and with non-government partners to achieve results and deliver improvements. The Commission too has gone through a period of transformation, including proposals to change the State Sector and Crown Entity Acts, to make sure the organisation is well placed to lead
whole-of-system change.

With these changes made the focus for the year ahead is embedding this change and ensuring delivery. The Government has made its priorities clear and the State sector is responding. The response must gain pace and make demonstrable gains against the Government's priority result areas. The focus on delivering Better Public Services and working together across sectors is now business as usual.

Rebuilding after the Canterbury earthquakes is an important priority for the Government and the work to achieve a timely, cost-effective and safe rebuild is continuing to gather pace. No-one is under any illusions as to the scale of the task that still remains but agencies across the State sector are working together to help make the rebuild happen and make the most of the opportunities to improve the facilities and service that government provides in Christchurch.

By driving a focus on achieving priorities and new ways of working across the State services we aim to help government deliver results that will improve the lives of New Zealanders and lead a State sector New Zealand is proud of.

Iain Rennie
State Services Commissioner
April 2013