Performance Improvement Framework

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A joint central agency initiative to help senior leaders improve the performance of the agencies they lead.

Update 1 September 2017:

The Performance Improvement Framework (PIF) Follow Up Review for Statistics New Zealand (PDF 607 KB) is now available.

The Performance Improvement Framework (PIF) helps senior leaders in the State Services lead performance improvement in their agencies and across the system. Users of the framework start with the question: “what is the contribution New Zealand needs from this agency (or sector or system) in the medium term?” They then use the framework to identify the critical gaps and opportunities between the current and desirable future capability and performance.

Performance Improvement Framework

The Performance Improvement Framework
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A case study

We are developing State services that have New Zealanders' current and future needs and wellbeing at the heart of its operations, and agencies are taking collective responsibility to meet these needs.

The Performance Improvement Framework (PIF) asks agencies to build and deliver their services around a clear understanding of their customers. An excellent example was a piece of work recently undertaken by the Ministry of Social Development which showcases gaining a greater awareness of their customers' needs.

In 2015, the Minister for Social Development convened an expert panel to review Child, Youth and Family (CYF) and develop a plan to modernise the agency. The all-encompassing review considered how well CYF's operating model was supporting its mission of improving outcomes for children and young people. At the heart of the review was a project to redesign CYF's systems around a deep understanding of the needs of children, young people, families, caregivers and social workers. Listening to their voices – along with those of researchers and experts from New Zealand and overseas, government Ministers and leaders from across the social sector – prompted the team to think, and to design their services, in new ways.

The customer moved to the centre.

Putting the customer at the heart of what we do is fundamental to improving the way New Zealand's government departments deliver their services. To learn more about how the CYF project team undertook this sensitive and very valuable work, leaders from the State Services Commission, along with several independent lead reviewers, visited their project headquarters for a talk with the team.

Watch the video below to learn more and view the presentation.

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