Open Government Partnership (OGP)

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The State Services Commission coordinates New Zealand's OGP membership to make government more open and responsive.

9 February 2016: New Zealand Publishes its 2014-16 Mid-Term Self- Assessment Report. Available here: Open Government Partnership New Zealand Mid-term Self-assessment Report (January 2016) (PDF, 1MB)



The Open Government Partnership (OGP) is an international forum where countries work together to ensure that member governments are more open, accountable and responsive to citizens.

The New Zealand government accepted an invitation to join the OGP in 2013. As part of our membership, we are required to demonstrate through an Action Plan of commitments how the government will implement the OGP principles of transparency, accountability, technology and innovation, and civil society participation in government.

New Zealand's 2014-2016 Action Plan focuses on the:

The Government, as a signatory of the Kia Tūtahi Relationship Accord, is committed to championing its principles and intent. To demonstrate the Government’s commitment to putting the principles of the Kia Tūtahi Relationship Accord and the OGP into practice, the State Services Commission has established a Stakeholder Advisory Group which, in partnership with the government, will provide advice on OGP Action Plan commitments and assist with the development of the 2016-2018 Action Plan.

The State Services Commissioner announced membership of the Stakeholder Advisory Group on 4 August 2015.

New Zealand Mid-term Self-assessment Report

The New Zealand government is also obligated to report on progress on New Zealand's achievement against its action plan and has released its mid–term self–assessment report.

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