NZers' Experience Research Programme

Last updated: 1 March 2012

New Zealanders' Experience is a multi-year research programme that assists agencies monitor public satisfaction with their frontline services.

The New Zealanders' Experience Research Programme (NZE) at SSC includes three work areas that provide information on public satisfaction with government (including local government) services and service delivery. This information is used by agencies to improve their service design and delivery.



The Kiwis Count survey, carried out by the State Services Commission, asks New Zealanders about their perceptions and experiences of public services as a whole and measures the quality of services delivered by public sector organisations.

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The Common Measurements Tool (CMT) is a common set of questions and scales that agencies can use to measure satisfaction with their services and identify service delivery improvements. Using the CMT means agencies can compare results from their findings with other agencies also using the CMT, and measure improvements over time. Canada also uses the CMT, meaning results can be compared internationally.

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The drivers of satisfaction are the key factors that influence New Zealanders' satisfaction with the quality of services they receive from public service organisations. In 2007, the SSC commissioned a survey to determine the key drivers. This identified a set of six drivers of satisfaction with public services in general. The drivers of satisfaction vary depending on the channel used to deliver services. Kiwis Count 2007 identified the drivers of satisfaction for services delivered over the telephone. Further research was undertaken in 2010 to determine the drivers of satisfaction with public services delivered online.

The following links take you to the key resources from this work. 

The Kiwis Count survey and Common Measurements Tool questions are based around these drivers.