Meet some of our team members

Last updated: 8 October 2015

We asked some of our team members to share what they enjoy about working at State Services Commission. Here are their stories.


"Being one piece of the jigsaw is good because you are hands on, but at some point in your career it is also good experience working on the big picture. That's why you come to work at a place like SSC. To connect all the pieces of the puzzle - that's the really exciting bit. From there, the results become quite visible.

"Before joining SSC, my focus as Chief Executive of the Department of Conservation was to get us working in partnership with the community, business and local and central government agencies to improve New Zealand's natural environment. This led me to take a close interest in the change programme being led by SSC, to get the public services working better on the big issues and opportunities that nobody could crack working on their own.

"When the opportunity arose to join SSC and get involved in this approach across the whole public sector, I jumped at it. It is exciting to work at that bigger scale and see the system taking collective responsibility for making a real difference."



"It's easy to get caught up in the now in your job. It's not until you have an opportunity like this one that you start working towards a much longer term goal, such as making sure we have the talent we need coming through the public sector so we have strong leaders for the future. Strong leadership to me is about keeping sight of the people who are being impacted by decisions and co-creating solutions with them.

"In my day-to-day work, the group I'm part of is brilliant! Our team has a good balance of fun and focus on the job and my manager is always open to new ideas; I'm always learning.

"The experience I'm gaining here is helpful in understanding the different government agencies and how they work together to achieve better outcomes for New Zealanders. My own longer term career goal is to dedicate my skills to working on matters for Pacific people and making a difference to peoples' lives."



"I started as a Graduate, and after a year of working at SSC I've been promoted to Analyst. I received a lot of support in making this happen. My team and my manager have encouraged me and challenged me to try new things and think in different ways. My team has been amazing - all of them have such rich and varied experience from both the public and private sector.

"Since arriving, terms like operating model, system analysis and customer-focused government have become part of my everyday language. My work is centred on the Performance Improvement Framework (PIF) which helps government agencies deliver now and in the future. An interesting part of being in this team is that the reviews capture good practice across the State services system. These examples of good practice are the basis for reports like "Getting to Great". Other teams in SSC have picked up "Getting to Great" for work on developing future leaders across government. It has been inspiring to be a part of this and I don't think you would get such an outward looking focus in many other jobs.

"My knowledge and understanding of the New Zealand State services has expanded, as have my networks. SSC is the perfect place to work alongside a range of government agencies."


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