Benchmarking Administration and Support Services

Last updated: 13 August 2015

BASS is an annual benchmarking of Administration and Support (A&S) functions for a number of government agencies.

BASS rates agencies against standard metrics for HR, Finance, ICT, Procurement, and Corporate and Executive Services functions. BASS results, when used in conjunction with other performance data and agencies’ strategic planning, help to provide insights through showing how ‘back office’ functions are performing over time.

SSC is committed to being efficient in all aspects of our operations, which includes taking a number of initiatives in recent years to increase the efficiency of our administration and support services.

Due to SSC’s size and role within the Public Service it requires a different mix of services and expertise than many other agencies. SSC’s use of communications and legal services is relatively high compared with other agencies. This is because SSC’s role requires it to provide services, advice and support using these functions across the State services on particular issues.

Moving to the Central Agency Shared Services arrangement in 2011/12 resulted in significant A&S savings, which now mean that SSC's A&S costs are low relative to other agencies as a percentage of organisational running costs. Due to SSC’s small size, however, the cost of A&S per FTE is comparatively high.

Date Title Download
14 Sep 2016 2014/15 SSC Summary - State Services Commission ssc-bass-summary-14-15.pdf (294KB)
14 Sep 2016 BASS results dashboard FY 2014/15 - State Services Commission ssc-bnchmrk-dashboard-14-15.xls (44 KB)
14 Sep 2016 BASS measurement FY 2014/15 - Agency report - State Services Commission ssc-bnchmrk-14-15.xls (1.1 MB)
13 Aug 2015 BASS results dashboard FY 2013/14- State Services Commission ssc-bnchmrk-dashboard-13-14.xls (37 KB)
13 Aug 2015 BASS measurement FY 2013/14 - Agency report - State Services Commission ssc-bnchmrk-13-14.xls (1.1 MB)